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Solasafe HR1
Solasafe HR1 takes the concept of Polycarbonate Roof sheeting to the next dimension. This superior sheet encompasses millions of metallic particles enabling light to pass through but reflecting solar radiation. This unique process results in soft, diffused usable light transmitted through the sheet with no uncomfortable glare.

Solasafe HR1 protects both people and materials under it. This special heat reducing sheet has co-extruded UV protection which cuts out 99% of harmful UV radiation. This co-extruded barrier significantly impacts resistance, up to two hundred times greater than that of glass and superior to any other glazing of roof lighting material. Solasafe HR1 can withstand temperature extremes from 40° to 100°C, without any significant deterioration of its mechanical or physical properties. It can be used in almost any part of the world without fear of degradation or yellowing. With this in mind Ampelite Fibreglass Pty Ltd is happy to offer our

Light & Heat Transmission
Solasafe HR1 shines in this area with a cool 22% Heat Transmission and a soft 18% Light Transmission
Light transmission determined in accordance with AS/NZS 4257.4

Spanning Capacity
Note: When rafter spacing coincides with sheet overlaps the roof appears joint free. we recommend the use of anti-noise self adhesive foam tape along battens or purlins to minimize friction noise generated by expansion and contraction of sheet.

Profile                                    Nominal Thickness End Span    Mid Span
Corrugated 0.8mm 800mm 900mm
Greca (760) 0.8mm 900mm 900mm