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Suntuf - Regular
Quality UV Protection For Your Family
Guaranteed to block out over 99.9% of harmful UV-B rays.


NO. 1 CHOICE - Home improvers are faced with a bewildering choice of pergola roofing these days, but SUNTUF ® remains the number one choice, for a variety of reasons.

THE ORIGINAL AND STILL THE BEST - SUNTUF ® was the first profiled polycarbonate sheeting available in Australia, and while its immediate success created a flood of imitations, it has continued to set the standard. When you ask for SUNTUF ® make sure you get the original proven product - branded according on the sheet.

TECHNOLOGICALLY ADVANCED - Polycarbonate technology is a very complex and advanced science. Its mastery doesn't happen overnight. It takes skill, dedication and long term commitment to fully realise its potential. SUNTUF ® is manufactured using state-of-the-art technology which has resulted in a product of the highest standard, a home building product which is ideal for tough Australian conditions.

BUILT IN UV BARRIER - SUNTUF®'s "co-extrusion" manufacturing process is the result of over a decade of research and development in Australia and overseas. This special process fuses together the polycarbonate and the UV barrier at the molten moment of a sheet's creation. This eliminates any chance of delamination for the life of the sheet.

QUALITY ASSURED MANUFACTURE - The manufacturer's certification to international quality standard ISO 9002 ensures that every effort is made to produce and ship only the highest standard product. For the customer this means consistency of both thickness and tint. Consistency of thickness is the key to SUNTUF ®'s renowned strength. Another important factor is the minimisation of extrusion lines in SUNTUF ® sheeting.

LIFETIME WARRANTY - SUNTUF ® polycarbonate sheets carry a limited manufacturers lifetime warranty, not to lose more than 8% of light transmission for the first 10 years and thereafter no more than 1% per year when measured in accordance with ASTMD - 1--3-77. SUNTUF ® polycarbonate sheets are warranted for five years from the purchase date, not to break or fail as a result of the impact of hail measuring up to 25mm in diameter. These warranties shall only apply if the sheets are installed, used and maintained in accordance with SUNTUF ® recommendations and specifications.

Getting the most out of your Pergola

DESIGN - For the greatest aesthetic appeal, we recommend rafter spacings to coincide with the overlaps - Corrugated sheets at 760mm centres, Greca sheets at 760mm centres, Hi-Rib at 760mm centres, and Spantuf at 700mm centres. Purlins should also be recessed to minimise "two tone overlap" visibility.

HANDLING - Although SUNTUF ® has superior impact resistance, sheets should still be handled with care to avoid any unnecessary scratching prior to installation.

MAINTENANCE - Any work done on sheets should be carried out using walking boards along the purlin line.

CLEANING - With the correct recommended pitch, maintenance and cleaning will be minimal. Should cleaning be necessary, wet the sheets first and using a solution of warm water and mild detergent, scrub clean with a soft nylon broom. Hose down thoroughly.

COLOUR SELECTION - Careful consideration should be given to your choice of colour to obtain maximum benefits from your pergola. Refer to the selection guide.

VENTILATION - Pitched and arched roof designs where appropriate will allow for greater ventilation, assisting in the cooling of your entertainment area.


Selection Guide
The appropriate tint and profile selection will depend on your individual requirements and the application.
Taking the time to make the right choice will ensure that your needs for light transparency, UV protection and heat control will be met.


Light %
Smooth Cream
Cedar Bronze
Solar Grey


Heat % *
Comfort Level
Smooth Cream

Cedar Bronze

Solar Grey


* Percentage of direct heat from the sun passing through the sheet
** For super cool sheets with soft natural lighting - refer to Suntuf Solar Control

Maximum light and heat.
Direct light with natural
grey tint.
Direct light with darker
bronze tint.
Diffused light with good
Similar to opal but
with softer light
and less glare.

Sheet Profiles

Sheet Lengths in Millimetres
Domestic: 1800, 2100, 2400, 2700, 3000, 3600, 4200, 4800, 5400, 6000, 7200
Sheet Sizes: 3000, 6000


860mm wide/760mm coverage approx. (profile height 17mm) thickness 0.8mm. Weight 1.2kg m² approx.Available in all colours and tints. 

810mm wide/760mm coverage approx. (profile height 16mm) thickness 0.8mm. Weight 1.2kg m² approx.Available in standard tints only.


Industrial - May be used in domestics appliances

820mm wide/760mm coverage approx. (profile height 29mm) thickness 0.8mm. Weight 1.2kg m² approx.

750mm wide/700mm coverage approx. (profile height 24mm) thickness 1.0mm. Weight 1.5kg m² approx.Available in Clear and Opal only. 

Suntuf complies with the AUSTRALIAN STANDARD 1562.3 - 1996, thus eliminating the new requirement for safety mesh under roofs over 3 metres above ground level. Consult us for fixing advice, if any portion of your roof is higher than 3 metres.

Disclaimer: WA Plastics has provided the details in this Data sheet in good faith and it should only be used as a general guide. For further information please contact WA Plastics direct.