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PTFE can be mixed with a variety of materials to produce desired performance specifications. Glass fibre is the most commonly used filler, resulting in a lowered deformation under load at both high and low temperatures. Wear and friction behaviour is also improved.
Mouldings have a homogeneous and dense structure. The surface is smooth with a white to light grey appearance.

Sheet Thicknesses: 1 - 40mm
Sheet Sizes:
Nylon Rod Outside Diameter:
10 - 150mm
Nylon Tube Outside Diameter:
36 - 625mm

Piston Rings
Valve Seats
Shaft Seals
Electrical Insulators
Bearing Pads


Specific Gravity Units g/cm3 2.20
Continuous Operating Temperature Unit oC 260
Tensile Strength Units MPa 25
Impact Resistance Units Izod ASTM D296 J/mm2 -
Hardness  Units Shore D 60
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion Units mm/(mmxK) x 10-6 N/A
Surface Resistivity Units Ohms N/A
Flammability Flash Point °C 530
Elongation CD % 280
Co-Efficient of Friction Test Method
Polish Steel 23oC

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