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Polypropylene Film

Extruded Polypropylene sheets are semi rigid and are smooth on both sides or are smooth on one side and have a leather grain finish on the other. They are easy to cut with Knife or guillotine and can be curved or heat bent.

Colours: White, Black, Yellow, Orange, Green, Blue & Natural
0.4, 0.5, 0.8, 1.4, 1.9mm
Sheet Sizes: 
1250*660     1360*650

Lightweight & Rigid
Excellent printability
Excellent Chemical Resistance
High continuous service temperature  
Food Safe (FDA Approved)



Point of Sale Display
Shelf talker
Screen printed signage
Knock down displays
Computer Paper Binders
Presentation Binders & Satchel
Card holders.

Property Value
Dielectric Strength @25µm thick kV mm-1 200
Dissipation Factor @1MHz   0.0003
Elongation at Break % 50-1000
Heat-sealing Temperature C 140-205
Initial Tear Strength g µm-1 18-27
Permeability to Carbon Dioxide @25C x10-13 cm3. cm cm-2 s-1 Pa-1 6 @ 30C
Permeability to Hydrogen @25C x10-13 cm3. cm cm-2 s-1 Pa-1 31
Permeability to Nitrogen @25C x10-13 cm3. cm cm-2 s-1 Pa-1 0.4 @ 33C
Permeability to Oxygen @25C x10-13 cm3. cm cm-2 s-1 Pa-1 1.7 @ 30C
Permeability to Water @25C x10-13 cm3. cm cm-2 s-1 Pa-1 16

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