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Prismatic Lighting Sheets    

Prismatic Diffuser K12
The K12 is a prismatic panel with a 3mm square base female conical prism placed on a 45º axis. The K12 offers maximum efficiency with excellent direct glare control and it has been considered the standard of the industry for many years.
Thicknesses: 3.2mm
Sheet Sizes: 2440x1220

Louvers International - Reflect-A-Lux Troffer Kits

Prismatic Diffuser K15 
The K15 is a prismatic panel with a bold 10mm square base containing recessed female conical prisms placed parallel and perpendicular to the length and width of the panel. This panel has excellent efficiency and direct glare control. Recommended for use in large areas without objectional sag or as a frameless lens.
Thicknesses: 4.3mm
Sheet Sizes: 2440x1220

  Louvers International - Flat Sheet LI-15

Non-parabolic plastic louvers are a very economical solution to many lighting and luminous ceiling applications. These louvers are molded in polystyrene  or acrylic materials. The white panels are translucent and provide uniform illumination throughout the entire surface. Open cell design allows the light to be transmitted to the working area while reducing glare; in addition, this louver allows nearly unobstructed air movement which will increase the bulb and ballast longevity through more efficient heat dissipation. The eggcrate product is an efficient and economical light control device which will reduce glare and provide effective lighting.
Thicknesses: 9.5mm       12.5mm
Sheet Sizes: 1210x610   1210x610

Louvers International - Parabolic Louver Plastic Eggcrate